on wool dryer balls

What’s cooking today?

Well, actually… these are wool dryer balls. The boiling is to make the yarn ball stick together in one solid piece – it’s called “felting.” Later I’ll stuff these into a sock & dry on high heat to finish the process.

If you’re sitting there wondering, “What the heck are wool dryer balls?”, keep reading! These puppies’ll change your life. (Okay maybe not, but they’re still pretty darn awesome.)

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Wool dryer balls are an AWESOME replacement for dryer sheets because..

a) They last for years and you don’t have to buy dryer sheets (💵) – and they still get your clothes soft

b) You can easily ditch of all the harmful chemicals used for fragrance and softening in dryer sheets (on your clothes ➡️ on your skin ➡️ in your body. This stuff is just bad news 😵)

c) They can actually cut down on drying time!! (💵 & 🕚)

Four of these cost around $6-8 to make.

I whipped up a few batches to bring to a local women’s shelter!

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