I love this photo of Nate and I – but as you’ll see, I need to get an updated one!

Hey there! My name is Heidi Matykiewicz and welcome to The Thrive Tribe blog! I hope this can be a valuable resource for you in your own journey to wellness.

I’ve been personally pursuing wellness for over a decade, with one small thing incorporated after another. My little 12-year-old self decided that soda & taco bell just weren’t options. Okay, don’t let that scare you away – I won’t forbid you from them! But I WILL provide you with information to help you make decisions about your health.


So proud of you, babe! He will tell you he feels so much better too. It’s all about wellness lifestyle.

My biggest inspiration is my husband, Nate. Apart from being super supportive and enthusiastic, he lost 60 pounds in less than two years – without even meaning to. Though I encouraged him to make healthy choices, it really came about because of his one simple realization: the amount of sugar a person should actually take in in a day. He cut out his Monster a day in favor of coffee, and began to be more mindful of the foods he was eating. He learned to choose fresh fruits & veggies over processed fast food. Though weight in itself isn’t the whole picture of wellness, he was well on his way to heart disease and diabetes and who knows what else – but he completely turned that all around. His weight loss followed his decision to lead a healthier lifestyle!

And wellness really is about lifestyle – the choices that you make day to day. So many people run after wellness without much understanding of how to successfully get there – jumping from one fad diet to the next, with little understanding of how to actually live a thriving, healthy lifestyle. But taking on a new lifestyle isn’t something that (usually) happens overnight. When a goal is too big and too broad, it often ends in failure. I’ve seen people try so hard to be healthy, with little visible result – because they didn’t have the right education and information about how to live healthy. My passion is to educate, to teach people ways to simply and effectively incorporate healthy choices into their lifestyle. Small changes over time can be far more sustainable and effective than drastic measures!

My background is in Physics, but that lends to the nerdy, book-reading, endless-researching and critical-reviewing of all things concerning wellness and the human body. I have to get to the bottom of how things work – I have a hard time just taking information at face value. The good news for you is that I will take that information and break it down in a way that’s easy to understand and apply in your own life!

So, whether it’s grass-fed butter, toxic-free living, essential oils, or green smoothies, I want to share with you what I’ve discovered about healthy living. I want to see you set yourself up for success.

Let’s thrive together!